Submission Phase: March 25-April 15 | Public Voting: April 16-20  | Judges Panel Scoring: April 22
Winner Announced: April 24

About the Contest

In response to this unexpected Out of School Time and the mandated state-wide school closures Root Branch Film Academy, a Baltimore-based media production firm that offers educational content, launched a video contest: Kids On COVID-19: Leading the Conversation. Following the Academy’s curriculum, the contest offers as a way to use digital media to close the social distancing gap a bit by keeping students connected to their learning through a media arts enrichment project.

Students can participate in the contest based on their grade levels (K-5, 6-8, and 9-12). For each grade level there will be three prizes awarded directly to the student. First prize $500, Second Prize $250, and Third Prize $100.

According to grade levels, students will have the choice of making videos on varying topics from staying safe to sharing creative ways they are spending their unexpected time home from school.

The mission of this video contest is two-fold:

  • To ensure our students do not experience an academic back slide. Often times this occurs when students experience an interruption in learning and other cultural programming and are not engaged in some sort of learning enrichment – for example during summer breaks.
  • Create a safe space and platform for youth voice related to the drastic impact the COVID-19 pandemic has had. We want youth to have opportunities to express and advocate for themselves during these challenging times.

Congratulations to Our Contest Winners

1st place: $500;  2nd place: $250;  3rd place: $100

1st Place Winner

Alec Smith, 5th Grade

2nd Place Winner

Mikayla Uqdah, 1st Grade

3rd Place Winner

Kameron Gross, 2nd Grade

1st Place Winner

Reynold Garcia III, 6th Grade

2nd Place Winner

Nyla Whitfield, 6th Grade

3rd Place Winner

Eleni Hope, 7th Grade

1st Place Winner

Jaela Morris, 12th Grade

2nd Place Winner

Lindsey Larkin, 11th Grade

3rd Place Winner

Shelah Johnson, 12th Grade

Participants who were not the top prized winners will receive a $25 gift card sponsored by
MD Strategic Consulting

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